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NEWS CENTERAdvantages and application advantages of high speed electric spindle

Advantages and application advantages of high speed electric spindle

(1) Performance and advantages:

1. The spindle deformation is small. The rotor of the motor is a rare earth permanent magnet structure, no excitation current, small rotor heat generation, good axial stability of the spindle, and high precision of workpiece machining.

2. The transmission error is small. The length of the main drive chain of the machine tool is zero, the motor directly drives the spindle, without any transmission error, the spindle vibration is obviously reduced, and the surface finish of the workpiece is obviously improved.

3. The surface finish of the workpiece is greatly improved. The motor has excellent rotational speed and hard characteristics, and has high rotational stability under load fluctuations, which significantly improves the surface finish of the workpiece.

4. Rear direct drive structure design and flexible power configuration. The motor is at the rear end of the spindle, and the power of the motor can be arbitrarily matched with the thickness and length of the spindle. It is extremely flexible and can be used in various radial space limitation applications.

5. Power and torque are large. The motor is a rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor with extremely high power density and torque density. Compared with asynchronous motors, the power and torque of the motor can be one level higher under the same volume; that is, at the same power, since the rotor does not need excitation current, its torque is also significantly large.

6, the speed range is wide. The motor can realize an extremely wide speed regulation range, and stepless speed regulation can be realized between zero speed and maximum speed; the constant power ratio of the motor is 1:1.25.

7. High productivity. The motor has excellent low-speed hard characteristics for rigid tapping. Under the permission of bearing rigidity and tool hardness, it can be used for hard metal, low-speed large-scale cutting, high-speed snack knife precision cutting, and greatly improved production efficiency.

8, the servo is strong. With the dedicated drive, all the functions of the digital servo spindle can be realized.

9, energy saving. Under the same power conditions, the energy saving effect is 20%~50% higher than that of the asynchronous spindle motor. The greater the power, the more significant the energy saving effect.

10, the application is wide. Due to the increase of low-speed characteristics, the product has a significantly improved working speed range and can be serialized. Not only can new equipment be equipped, but it is also suitable for retrofitting old grinders. This structure can be used from 500W to 150kW, and its application range is greatly widened.

(II), product use: engraving and milling machine, drilling and tapping machine woodworking engraving, milling machine

(3) Packing: wooden box, moisture proof and shockproof.

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