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NEWS CENTERTianyi brought the latest spindle products to the Hannover Messe

Tianyi brought the latest spindle products to the Hannover Messe

Tianyi Group participated in the 2019 German Hanover Industrial Fair

Tianyi took the decelerator product and the spindle product series and won the praise of the exhibitors. (The reducer series includes planets, gear motors, etc.; the spindle is the automatic machine tool spindle)

Booth No.: Hall 14 Hall J35

2019 Hannover Messe has proved to be an important platform for the demonstration of industrial transformation technology worldwide. “More than 215,000 spectators are using the Hannover Messe platform to invest in new technologies to prepare for future trade development and understand the application scenarios and industry 4.0. Potential and interaction, artificial intelligence, 5G and energy solutions."

Approximately 6,500 exhibitors from around the world presented solutions for future manufacturing and energy supply, including more than 500 cases involving artificial intelligence deployments in industrial manufacturing, 5G applications, energy and power transmission solutions. Robots are also a big hit for visitors. Top robot manufacturers and start-ups showcase practical applications for all sectors of the industry.

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