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I. Project introduction:

Ridworth Motors and robot manufacturers use a standard 6-axis robot to integrate the robot into a milling machine.

       The project uses the Ridworth custom 3.7KW12000 to HM series of products, and the surface processing of acrylic glass material is required to achieve a mirror effect.

The robotic milling system combines industrial robots with CAM's dedicated CNC system. These include milling materials, which can be milled with materials such as acrylic, soft metal, foam, wood, PVC, etc. The 6-axis linkage in the machining process can effectively reduce the processing space and greatly reduce the processing process. The labor cost of each link is greatly reduced, and the processing precision of the product is greatly improved, and the tolerance error of the link is increased.

Second, some peripheral equipment selected for integration:

1. Ridworth high-speed electric spindle (3.7KW12000 rpm)

2, the tool library

3, milling software

4, robot walking rail (optional)

5, displacement workbench

6, loading and unloading conveyor

7, the controller

8, electrical cabinet

9, safety fences and security doors

Third, the characteristics of the Ridworth spindle motor:

1. High-speed processing capability and high work efficiency.

2. It has a low circular runout, which greatly increases the machining accuracy. The accuracy of the cut surface is within 3 U.

3, a wide range of processing, can process all kinds of shaped workpieces while processing a larger type of workpiece in one molding.

4, low cost, thanks to high-precision processing characteristics, reducing several re-processing links.

5, a wide range of applications, can be processed in the loss of mold milling of lightweight materials, furniture, door and window carving, milling, punching, crafts and especially large-scale handicrafts like Buddha statues and other carving.


Fourth, integrated design:

1. According to the requirements of milling processing, the robot accessory equipment is designed for automation system, a new controller is built, and the whole process of workpiece milling is completed.

2, according to customer needs, the system design of each process of milling, including material handling, workpiece loading and unloading and subsequent assembly, polishing, deburring, cleaning, testing and other system processes.

3. The design of the scheme is jointly evaluated and optimized by both parties. Finally, the integrator designated by Ridworth Motors and the robot manufacturer cooperates on-site construction, and the experience is accepted and delivered. And submit the technical support after the sale

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