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First, the introduction

Grinding processing is subject to finishing (machining, roughing, finishing, heat treatment, etc.), with low processing volume and high precision. Widely used in the mechanical manufacturing industry, heat-hardened quenched carbon tool steels and carburized and hardened steel parts often have a large number of regularly arranged cracks on the surface perpendicular to the grinding direction during grinding - grinding cracks It not only affects the appearance of the part, but more importantly, it directly affects the quality of the part.

Second, the principle

Machining the surface of the workpiece with a grinding tool such as a grinding wheel that rotates at a high speed. Grinding is used to machine the inner and outer cylindrical faces, conical faces and planes of various workpieces, as well as special and complex forming surfaces such as threads, gears and splines.

Third, the application

Due to the high hardness of the abrasive particles, the abrasive tools are self-sharpening. Grinding can be used to process a variety of materials, including hardened steel, high-strength alloy steel, hard alloys, glass, ceramics and marble. metallic material. Grinding speed refers to the linear speed of the grinding wheel, generally 30 ~ 35 m / s, and the Ridworth high-speed motor can easily exceed 45 m / s for high-speed grinding. Grinding is usually used for semi-finishing and finishing, with an accuracy of IT8~5 or higher, surface roughness is generally Ra1.25~0.16 microns, precision grinding is Ra0.16~0.04 microns, ultra-precision grinding The cutting is Ra 0.04 to 0.01 μm, and the mirror grinding can reach Ra 0.01 μm or less. The specific power of grinding (or specific energy consumption, that is, the energy consumed to cut off a unit of workpiece material) is larger than that of general cutting, and the metal removal rate is smaller than that of general cutting. Therefore, the workpiece is usually removed by other cutting methods before grinding. For most machining allowances, only a grinding allowance of 0.1 to 1 mm or less is left. With the development of high-efficiency grinding such as slow-feed grinding and high-speed grinding, parts can be directly ground from the blank. Grinding is also used as a waste processing, such as grinding the riser of the casting, the flash of the forging, and the outer skin of the steel ingot.

Fourth, summary:

The Rundawords high-speed spindle motor is compact in structure, light in weight, small in inertia, low in vibration, low in noise, fast in response, high in speed and high in power, simplifying machine tool design and easy to achieve spindle positioning.

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