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The high speed of the Rundawords electric spindle makes the PCB panel smooth and burr-free during drilling. It is recommended to use 18000RPM and above for better speed!


I. Overview:

   PCB single-panel or double-panel fabrication is performed directly after the blanking of the non-via or via hole, and the multi-layer board is drilled after the completion of the platen. The type of traditional hole is divided by the simple distinction of conduction or not, and can be divided according to different functions: part hole, tool hole, through hole, blind hole, buried hole, electronic products in recent years 'light. thin. short. small. The trend of 'fast.' makes the drilling technology a thousand miles, machine drill, laser hole burning, photosensitive hole, etc. Different equipment technology is applied to different levels of panels.

Second, the process:

  Cutting→Drilling→Rounding→Edge grinding→grinding

   Cutting means cutting the board into a specific size working plate according to the order requirements; rounding is to process the corners of the original right angle into rounded corners for subsequent processing; the purpose of edging is to polish the edge of the working board to prevent cuts And the grinding is the burr around the hole.

Third, the aperture parameters:

       The minimum through hole accepted by the average customer is 0.3mm and the maximum hole diameter is 6.3mm. However, a 0.3mm via is not the limit of drilling a drill. The limit of the drill is 0.15mm. In view of production cost and process difficulty, pcb should be designed to avoid 0.1mm and 0.2mm. Because it is not only easy to break the drill, but also the difficulty of the process increases the cost, and the number of unqualified boards increases. Therefore, it is recommended that the via design be ≥0.35mm, which is extremely demanding for the drilling spindle.


Fourth, the PIN process:

In addition to drilling blind holes in drilling operations, or the accuracy of very high-level plate holes is very strict. In addition to single-piece drilling, there are usually multiple pieces of diamonds, meaning two pieces or more for each stack. Drilling depends on 1. Board required accuracy 2. Minimum aperture 3. Total thickness 4. Total copper layer. Consider it. Because there are multiple pieces of one drill, each plate is fixed by pin before drilling. The pinning machine (pinning maching) is executed. The double panel is very simple, most of which use the edge-to-edge method, and the pin on the punching hole is continuously operated once. The multi-layer board is more complicated, and the multi-layer board is dedicated to the PIN machine operation.

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