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Spindle process

Spindle core

The shaft core has two holders of BT and HSK, which are subjected to high bearing capacity and the required pulling force of the holder. It is necessary to ensure that the internal broach mechanism has good stability during operation;

Difficulties in processing: high heat treatment hardness, small bore diameter is difficult to process;

Process introduction: Steel with stable performance, after roughing and tempering, the surface hardness of carburized after semi-finishing is up to HRC55°, and the thickness of carburized layer is 2mm. Can guarantee the core strength. After internal quenching and tempering, it can effectively absorb energy and prevent the main shaft from cracking when it is brittle.

Spindle housing

The casing material is hollowed out and formed by the whole section of steel. It is the main support structure of the main shaft. When mechanical properties are required, it is necessary to have certain corrosion resistance to the internal and external environment. For this reason, the steel is hot and vacuum-treated, and the material hardness is high. The hardness is even, and the amount of deformation after the product is small. The cooling and cooling are cooled by vertical circulating water. The O-ring is mechanically sealed. The through holes at both ends of the housing need to be adjusted. When grinding, the outer diameter of the machine is large, ensuring the roundness of the machine as a reference to ensure the size of the inner wall of the machine.

At the same time, the vacuum heat treatment method is adopted to ensure the mechanical properties of the material and the roundness during processing, and to ensure the support of the shaft core, and the bearing can stably operate at high speed.


Spindle bearing

The main shaft adopts a rear floating mechanism, which can effectively absorb the resonance caused by a specific frequency, and can guide the direction of heat extension to the rear of the main shaft during high-speed operation. It also acts as a shock absorber and is difficult to machine in a single part, with cylindricity requirements and verticality requirements. Due to its short length, it is not suitable for clamping, support, etc., and has geometric tolerance requirements, which have high requirements for process and technician levels.

Difficulties in processing: The outer end surface of the inner hole of the part needs to be processed in one time. Now the self-made clamping tooling, manual adjustment of the grinding head form finish processing ensures concentricity, roundness and verticality.


Spindle back cover

The back cover is a set of cooling water through the main shaft, a pneumatic tool change circuit, a cylinder and a body link, and a part close to the switch signal transmission body. The hole position is complicated.

With four-axis machining and forming tools, the accuracy of the parts can be guaranteed.

Difficulties in processing: The parts are processed with many holes, and the double-end machining and the outer-hole machining are required and multiple clamping is required, which is inefficient.


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