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NEWS CENTERISO double certification, Tianyi precision electromechanical, quality assurance

ISO double certification, Tianyi precision electromechanical, quality assurance

Congratulations on the successful passing of ISO9000 and ISO14000 system certification!

  In order to meet the development of the society and adapt to the competition of the industry, Tianyi Precision Motors constantly pursues higher goals. With the joint efforts of all Tianyi people, Tianyi Motor passed the accreditation of ISO9001·2015 Quality System Certification Company on March 28th. . Through the certification of this system, Tianyi Motor emphasizes correcting timely preventive measures, eliminating potential causes of non-conformity or non-conformity, preventing recurrence of non-conformities, emphasizing continuous auditing and supervision, and achieving corporate management and operation. Constantly correcting and improving the purpose; emphasizing the participation of all employees in training, ensuring that the quality of employees meets the requirements of the work, and that each employee has a strong sense of quality; emphasizing cultural management to ensure the regularity of the management system, continuous Sex. Thereby building customer confidence in the company to improve economic efficiency and improve the competitiveness of the company in the market.

  The ISO9000 standard is adopted by the European testing and certification organization EOTC as the basic model for organizing work. At the same time, many national and international product certification systems, such as the British BSI kite logo and the Japanese JIS logo, regard ISO9000 as the primary requirement for product certification. Tianyi Motor has passed ISO9001·2015 certification, which means that Tianyi Motor products can be accepted by more countries, which is more conducive to Tianyi Motor products being exported overseas.

  The state initiated the call of “Green Development, Healthy China” to promote enterprises to take the road of energy conservation, environmental protection and sustainable development. Tianyi Motor responded positively and passed the ISO14001·2015 environmental management system certification on March 31. This certification reflects the recognition of Tianyi Electric's coordination between production and environmental protection. Tianyi Motor strictly controls the emission of production waste gas, reduces the noise deviation in the workshop and rationally processes the production waste, giving employees a green working environment and giving the surrounding residents a healthy living environment.

  Having the ISO14001·2015 certification means that Tianyi Motor's products can effectively respond to foreign green trade barriers and is the “green pass” for Tianyi Motor to enter the international market. At the same time, as an energy-saving and environmentally-friendly enterprise, it has effectively improved the image of the company and the visibility of the company.

  Successfully passing the two certifications of quality and environment fully demonstrates that Tianyi Motor respects the natural environment and pays attention to product quality. It is a conscience enterprise with social responsibility. This makes Tianyi Motor more powerful than other competitors, and makes customers trust.

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