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NEWS CENTERCongratulations to Tianyi Precision for the Dongcheng Street Multiplier Pilot Enterprise! ! !

Congratulations to Tianyi Precision for the Dongcheng Street Multiplier Pilot Enterprise! ! !

Congratulations to Tianyi Precision on the election of the Dongcheng Street Multiplier Pilot Enterprise!!

The “double” extrusion of high-end manufacturing reflow and low-end market diversion brings severe challenges to most SMEs. At the same time, Dongguan faces a transformation and upgrade in a “glue” state, relying on traditional factor-driven and incremental Space has not been able to sustain economic development.

At the moment, Dongguan regards the “multiplication plan” as the strategic strategy of “crossing the total production value of trillions of yuan”. Through intensive development means, the scale and efficiency of the pilot enterprises are doubled, and then through pilot demonstrations, industrial agglomeration is formed, which drives the overall breakthrough. Will inevitably have a positive and significant impact on Dongguan's kinetic energy conversion and economic transformation.

With its solid strength and excellent management system, Tianyi Electric has been recognized by the government and has stood out among hundreds of companies and has been rated as a multi-investment pilot enterprise. The selection of multiplier pilot enterprises shows that Tianyi Motor's products have good development prospects and are in line with the future development of Dongguan industry.

President Tianyi  Yin spoke as a representative of the company at the mobilization meeting of the “Double-increasing Plan” of Dongcheng Street Key Enterprise, and profoundly expounded the role of Tianyi Motor's multiplying potential and multiplication plan for all pilot enterprises.


I believe that Tianyi Precision, with the help of the multiplication plan, can have better development and can develop newer precision spindle products that are more in line with market demand. At the same time, accelerate the promotion and transformation of enterprises, so that enterprises can develop healthily and rapidly.

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