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NEWS CENTERThe power of role models - Tianyi Precision Electromechanical Excellent Staff Selection

The power of role models - Tianyi Precision Electromechanical Excellent Staff Selection

Each company can work harder in its own position, work hard to do its own job, and assist colleagues to complete other tasks. Such a company can develop better. If everyone says that they are sweeping their own snow, then there is no cohesiveness among the employees of the company. Without the spirit of unity and cooperation, the company will not develop very well.

Therefore, Tianyi Motor will select outstanding employees every month. These advanced elements are all good colleagues, diligent work, helpful colleagues and good employees. The selection of outstanding employees is a recognition of the work of the employees and the encouragement of the employees, but also stimulates the enthusiasm of other colleagues to form a benign "competition."

Today, Tianyi Motor held a monthly flag-raising ceremony and a commendation meeting for outstanding employees in May. Excellent employees in the warehouse and production workshop were selected.

Excellent staff in the warehouse: Shi Liwei


Big Brother, has always been serious and responsible in the management of warehouses. Tianyi Motor's inventory is very large, the inventory is about 20 million, and the products he handles for daily processing and delivery, packaging and so on are very busy. Because Tianyi's main business is the motor, some of the motors are very heavy, and the manpower cannot be lifted. In order to better share the work of the warehouse supervisor, Shi Da Ge took the initiative to learn how to drive the forklift on his own. After his efforts, he is now able to fork his own goods.

In addition, there are a lot of purchases and shipments every day. Big Brother is in the sun, loading and unloading goods, it is several hours. In the hot weather, he is not lazy and has complaints. He is hardworking and doing things. Do it well. This hard-working spirit is what all employees in Tianyi must learn.

Excellent staff in the production workshop: Wei Jinxiu


As the saying goes: "The towel does not allow the eyebrows." Most of the men in the workshop are in the machine, and Wei Jinxiu's colleagues are responsible for milling machines in the workshop. Her work has always been proactive. In addition to completing her own milling machine work, she will take the initiative to share the work of other colleagues, such as taking the initiative to work on large water mills and grinding machines. Her careful and meticulous work attitude makes Tianyi products that have passed her hand are beautiful in appearance.

The selection of outstanding employees is an affirmation of the contribution employees make to the company. It is also a model for everyone. I hope that more colleagues can win the honor of the outstanding employees of the month.

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