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NEWS CENTERRidworth high-speed electric spindle purchase principle

Ridworth high-speed electric spindle purchase principle

The Rundawords high-speed electric spindle can be roughly divided into 8 categories according to the application: grinding, milling, turning, drawing, drilling, machining center, mechanical spindle (without built-in motor) Belt drive spindle, special rotary test spindle, etc. Users need to specify the corresponding use requirements before use. The general users commonly use the belt drive spindles for grinding, milling, turning, machining centers, mechanical spindles (without built-in motors).

    First, when choosing the Ridworth electric spindle, you must pay attention to your application. The interface of different applications is different. In addition, you must understand your power requirements and the corresponding speed at this power. This is very important, because the same is 1kW, the size of the electric spindle is very different under the requirements of 1000 rpm and 10000 rpm, so the working conditions must be accurate.

    Second, the interface of the tool used must be clear. This is also a principle. Under normal circumstances, the interface speed of BT50 can only be used in the electric spindle of 8000RPM. The interface of BT40 can be used in the electric spindle of 18000RPM. If you want a higher speed, the tool interface needs to select the corresponding HSK high-speed tool interface. The ER spring chuck or SD spring chuck on the CNC milling motor spindle also has a certain maximum speed.

    Third, the grinding electric spindle is generally a motor designed with constant torque. The relationship between the maximum speed of the motor and the power and voltage is proportional. The voltage and power increase linearly with the increase of the rotational speed of the electric spindle. The current is kept substantially constant. Since the relationship between torque and current is linear, the electric spindle of this type is called a constant torque motor. The design of the electric spindle for grinding generally has a relatively small speed range, usually 80%-100% of the maximum speed. At the same time, it must also take into account the maximum allowable line speed of the grinding wheel. Therefore, it is generally not possible to use both high-speed small grinding wheels and Low-speed large grinding wheel, otherwise the effect and efficiency of grinding of large grinding wheel will be relatively low due to insufficient low-speed power. In addition, due to the self-weight of the large grinding wheel itself, the bearing capacity of high-speed electric spindle bearing can not meet its requirements, resulting in a sharp life of the spindle bearing. Reduced, the precision life is greatly shortened. At the same time, the grinding spindle is relatively close to the speed. The user can completely select different grinding requirements to better play the working capacity and efficiency potential of the electric spindle. The electric spindles for milling and machining centers are usually designed with a constant torque section and a constant power section to meet the cutting needs in a wide speed range. Low speed requires heavy torque heavy cutting, high speed requires a certain amount of precision cutting, so the electric mechanism and grinding There are big differences in the use of electric spindles and the like.

     In addition, the motor parameter system of the grinding electric spindle is usually marked with S6 working system, and there are several types such as S6-40%, S6-60%, etc., which are inseparable from the working characteristics of grinding, and one workpiece during grinding. Grinding beats usually include several steps such as rapid feed, grinding, retracting, grinding wheel, etc. The power consumption of the motor is not a constant load, and we usually need to increase the overload of the electric spindle motor design. Ability, therefore, when looking at the parameters of the grinding electric spindle, you will see two sets of parameters S1 and S6. S6 is usually much higher than S1. First, it is related to the motor working system. First, it is related to the overload capability of the motor. The S6 system power indicates that the motor can be overloaded to the power system within 30s~120s for a short period of time. The long-term use can only be used according to the S1 system. This is a place that is not similar to other electric spindles.

     By clearly identifying your own usage requirements in advance, you can select the right product specifications more quickly and accurately.

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